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Eating in Seville, Yebra

Perhaps off the beaten path for tourists but Yebra is a bar where the old school Sevillians go to eat well. Its decoration is classic Andaluz with articles from over the years about the restaurant´s success framed and hung with pride. It is one of the first restaurants that I got to know here in Seville and it left a lasting mark on me. I can still remember what I ate here over 12 years ago. It was weakfish (corvina) perfectly, yet simply cooked. It has been years since I have had a chance to return and I am happy to report that they are still serving the same high quality fish, seafood, meats and local dishes.

We arrived late and staked out a little territory at the bar.  As we enjoyed a plate of perfectly cooked clams and chatted it up with the owner of a famous bar called El Peregil, known for its sweet wines, my eye scanned the dining room. They had three olive oils on the shelf, one that I happen to love from Cortijo Spiritu Santo.

I asked the waiter what olive oil they were using and he was, to my delight, able to tell me the producer and about the oil. This is always a good sign since usually I get a shrug or a generic response of extra virgin. He explained that they use Olibao for cooking and for drizzling they use Jarda and Cortijo Spiritu Santo. Good news to my ears and to my mouth!

Keep in mind that this is not a place tourists usually go so be prepared to speak Spanish or at least point at dishes that are coming out of the kitchen that interest you. Most dishes are not served in tapas sizes.



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