Use it up! Finish that EVOO.


If there was just a bit of food left or just one piece of anything sitting on a plate at the end of dinner my grandmother would say “Use it up”. This entry is dedicated to her.

Many people will buy a great olive oil or will be gifted a bottle and leave it in their cupboard or on their countertop with the thought that it is just too good to use. Leaving it for later is akin to putting plastic on a comfortable sofa in fear of wear and tear. If you leave it sitting it can go rancid (become oxidized) and loose all of its beneficial health (antioxidant) properties and its fabulous flavor. When any oil oxidizes (EVOO is actually quite resistant compared to other oils) they become detrimental to your health since they can contain carcinogenic free radicals.

Olive oil is not wine. It is not going to get any better in the bottle so USE IT UP. This is especially an important phrase at this point in the year. Most of our EVOOs are either from Europe or California, unless you live in South America or Australia. This means that we are now at the very end of the year and the youngest oil that you will have in your house will be about 11 months old by now.

Bring out that pretty bottle, enjoy it, drizzle it on your toast, put it in your morning yogurt, condiment a fillet of broiled halibut, make a fantastic salad dressing, put it on some of your favorite cheese, but “Use it up” and make room for the new!

If your olive oil or any oil for that matter smells like the movie theater carpet or old nuts it is time to give it a toss. The harvest is just around the corner so you won´t be out of the good stuff for long or try an EVOO from the Southern Hemisphere whose harvest is in May/June.

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