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Olive oil shopping in Seville

Seville is the capital of Andalusia and Andalusia is the king of olive oil production. So where does one buy olive oil in Seville? There are many stores in Seville that will sell you olive oil and many that are quite good however, none are quite like Oleo-le.

Most stores that have olive oil will not be able to tell you much about the product since they do not specialize in it. María Ángeles and her husband Benito know their olive oil and can explain each one and help you find the one for you. They have the best and largest selection of Seville and are one of the best in all of Andalusia.

Where many stores may just buy the award winning olive oil of the year or a local oil, María Ángeles takes great care hand selecting each oil. There are award winning olive oils but there are also top quality oils from small unknown producers. When mills send her their olive oil she puts it to a test with a tasting group she has put together that is made up of professionals. It is a symbiotic relationship since constant tasting is essential for experts to continue growing and to keep in practice.

I am in this tasting group. We meet once a week. Not only do we taste the new oils but we also ensure the EVOOs that she has in the store are maintaining quality throughout the year. I do not know of a single store that goes this extra mile.

María Ángeles also has many olive products like beauty products, olives (from a 16th century recipe), and sephardic sweets.

If you are looking for a gift or good olive oil to take home, this is your place. Tell María Angeles, Alexis sent you.

Located on Calle García de Vinuesa, 39.





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