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Jaen Selection: Best Spanish Picual EVOOs

Spain is the number one producer of olive oil in the world and the province of Jaen produces the largest amount in the country, mostly of the variety Picual. There are about 300 mills in the province that are dedicated to creating this golden oil. In the past years, many olive oil millers have made extensive improvements to their craft, creating oils that are now winning prestige throughout the world.

However, there are many fantastic producers that invest all that they have in a superb final product and do not have the finances to pay large international contests. So, if you really want to find some of the best Picuals in the world, take a look at who has won the “Jaen Seleccion” awards, a smaller contest run by the local province.

Selection refers to a collection of 8 EVOOs that are chosen by some of the top tasters of Spain. Just to name a few of this year´s tasters: Brígida Jiménez, director of IFAPA in CABRA; Food Critic, Rafael Sánchez; Juan Ramón Izquierdo, Panel Leader for the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment; and Fernando Martínez, Panel Leader at the Institute for Fat.

This year 62 olive oils were entered into the contest and although it was a difficult decision and more than 30 could have been worthy of awards, according to Brígida Jimenez, only 8 could be the top.

Here´s the pick for 2016:

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