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2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil

So the recipe calls for 2 Tablespoons of “Olive Oil” but what bottle should you buy or pull out of the pantry? With some luck the chef will at least specify that it should be Extra Virgin. However, I have yet to see a trend where recipes recommend one olive oil over another. This can be likened to […]

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First memories of olive oil

My first memory of olive oil is with my father. I must have been about 6. My mother would go out on Sundays leaving my father and I to make messes in the kitchen. She would often come home, open the door and shout, “I smell chutney and weirdness”. My mother can smell things from […]

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Hello world!

Hello olive oil fans! This is a blog all about olive oil and my experiences as a New Jersey-born expert olive oil taster living in Spain. I will be posting on health, recipes (especially local ones), EVOOs from Spain, the mediterranean diet, restaurants that use EVOO, my adventures, and more. My hope is to spread my joy […]

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